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Some people say I look like this guy by MrLegenDarius



this is perfect for my 23,000th post


Done! For those of you who are crafty and want to try this on your own, the yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease thick & quick wool blend in a heather grey color with flecks of brown and black. I’ve been looking at comments the maker of the original cowl made on the construction of the piece and she said that the wool was “a chunky wool blend with flecks of brown and black”. Since this is a pretty common craft store item, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the same yarn they used for the movie. I bought 6 skeins and used almost all of it. Some of the yarn is doubled or tripled in areas. The neck part is rolled batting sewn together at the ends on the first circle. The second two are longer and have exposed ends that I covered  by keeping them to the interior of the piece and sewing over them. Don’t bother sewing it together down the length of the batting because the act of crocheting it will make it round, PROMISE. The curved areas are created using short row shaping. The stitch I used is the herringbone stitch. The reason it’s darker in the last two pictures is because I’ve washed and blocked it and it’s still wet. PM me for details if you would like help making your own! The great thing about this piece is that you don’t want it to be perfect, so irregularities and mistakes only add to the authentic look. I’m a bit of a neurotic about my knitting, so a chance to make “mistakes” on purpose and for it to be okay and even desirable was a great break for me.

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